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Here I am today on day 30 of nutritional cleansing + clean eating + exercising + balancing out the delicious indulgences of life (like brownies!! drool!) This picture is a collection of progress pictures from my first 30 days, i cannot wait to see where i am in the next 30 days!! It’s crazy to think about how my life has changed in so many aspects over the past 30 days. I cannot even begin to explain how much more positive my life is at the moment. It’s amazing!  I’ve released a total of 10lbs (about 5kg) and 17.5 inches (44.5 cm’s) off of my body. I’ve gained my natural energy back. I wake up before my alarm most days and feeling ready to take on the day, and for someone who was never a morning person that’s a BIG DEAL! I get the most of my days, don’t feel sluggish or tired in the middle of the day (R.I.P afternoon naps!) I just feel actually HEALTHY inside and out for the first time.  Every time I start to feel hesitant about posting pictures like this of my journey on here, I remember that this very post could be the one thing to help change someone else’s life, to motivate or inspire someone to make a change, or keep going, and that’s why I do it. Yeah, it’s embarrassing at times and no, I’m not completely confident or happy with my body but i’m getting there and if you’re reading this thinking you can’t, I’m here to tell you that you can get there too! You have to fight for the things you believe in and the things you want.  You have to hold on to those goals and dreams like never before because it will happen if you want it enough. You have to make the decision that you are going to go after it like it’s your last chance to make it happen. Find the strength, be your own hero. Make your dreams, goals, wishes, beliefs a reality. There is so much in life to live for, so make sure you are spending your days actually living instead of wasting them away doing something that doesn’t make you feel alive inside.